How to Play

The game is played by locating our special tags around the event and either scanning or entering the codes on the site.  If you have the highest score at end of the event you WIN!  There will be a ConTag Prize and Q&A event on the schedule that you must attend to win. If you cannot attend, notify the Contag Crew located in the Video Game Room in advance. In the event of a tie, we will perform a tie-breaker at the event so make sure you are ready.

Rules / Conduct

To play, you agree to:

Anyone found violating the above rules will be identified and have their accounts terminated.

What do you need?

Any internet accessable device with a modern browser will work.  You may optionally have a camera/app that supports QR Codes to assist you in entering codes.  In fact we recommend it.  If you have a smartphone / computer / tablet device with a camera, odds are you can find many QR code readers for it, check your app store or the Internet.

How to Score Points

Clue Tags - These have no border and will get you 100 points for each.

Streaks - Each Clue Tag you scan will give you a Primary Clue.  This clue will lead you to another Tag, if you find it, you will start a streak.  Streaks will add a multiplier that will grow for each one you find.  But if you scan/enter another Clue Tag that is not for you Primary Clue, you will break your Streak and lose your multiplier.

Friend or Foe - Friend or Foe tags allow you to invite others to play where a 'Friend' will be added to your friend list and you will be able to see their score at any time.  'Foe' tags will invite people too but they don't get added to you friend list.  Either way, you will get points for each new person you invite. (only after they complete the signup or course)

People Tags - Various people around the con will have a tag on their person.  These tags will have a blue border and be worth various points.

Trivia Tags - There will be posters up with a special trivia tag on it.  These tags will be worth 50, 100, or 150 points based on their complexity.  Every poster will let you answer a different trivia question per hour.

Sets - If you collect a set of something you will get a bonus.  This will vary from set to set. You can see the full list and the name of the tags from the home page.

Great Tag Hunt - Sunday at 11:00 am will will have an event where 50+ tags will be on display (actually some will be hidden) and worth anywhere from 20 to 200 points.

How to Win (aka, the only important section)

You win by having the highest score at Noon Sunday.  At noon, no more tags will be accepted.  Check the Leaderboard or come by ConTag HQ (Video Game Room) at 1pm to see our Winner.  If by chance there is a tie, we will have a tie breaker round where the winner will walk home with the prize (or drive if you're so inclined).  Also imediately after will be a Q&A discussion session about what you liked and hated about it. (or submit an email to wes@lifergeek.com with your comments.

Other Details (Disclaimer)

This IS a alpha beta test and to be honest we probably released this untested the night before the con.  That said, there will be bugs.  There will be issues.  We will in the best interest of those playing attempt to keep it fair and may need to make some hard decisions along the way.  In the event we find we are at a point where we cannot continue further, we will be forced to cancel the event.  If such happens, there will be a notification on this site only and the helpdesk will be informed.

--Team ConTag

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