Who is ConTag

ConTag is the brainchild of Wesley Mason (developer, creator), Raymond Liedtke (game design, sanity maintainer) in conjunction with full support from Onezumi Events for hosting our games and testing. With Onezumi Events being our testbed, you will always see the most up to date features in our games at their events.

Wesley Mason - Wes is a long time convention geek. His first convention was back in 1988. After years of attending, he made the jump from attendee to staff. Today Wes, with the aid of his friends in Game Horde, run one of the more successful small convention Console Game rooms. Being technology minded, Wes has taken the traditional 'scavenger hunt' game occasionally seen at events and brought it into the smart phone age.

Raymond Liedtke - (coming soon)

Onezumi Events - (coming soon)

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